About Us

Brink + Forbes is a jewellery brand embodying an effortless and bohemian aesthetic, inspired by natural forms, architectural textures and the stories we have collected from our life on the road. Our pieces are designed and handcrafted with an emphasis on thoughtful, trend-less pieces, with a commitment to creating designs that are accessible, and created with sustainably sourced methods

Our studio and home is contained within our self-built van, Pixie. By living and creating on the road we are able to live simply and to do what we love best - exploring the world around us and continually using these experiences as inspiration for our creative pursuits.

Part of moving into the van was the desire for us to live a less consumer-based life and to be as environmentally conscious as possible, in the van we live completely off grid, our business is run completely off solar and because we live in such a small space, reducing the waste of the business and our personal life is incredibly important. A lot of the designs we create involve reusing as much scrap material as possible so that we are able to have little to no waste products. Also, we are constantly trying to make our packaging as environmentally conscious as we are able, the bubble wrap we package with is biodegradable and the tissue paper is made from recycled paper and is also biodegradable, the boxes and mailers are also made from recycled materials and can be recycled also.




If you would like to keep up to date with our life on the road and the creations we come up with head to our instagram @brinkandforbes.

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